About M.Sc Chemistry

The 2-year M.Sc Chemistry programme has been designed to have insight in almost all the advanced aspects of advanced chemistry to choose a career in industry/academics or research. Also, this programme provides a good measure of flexibility and choice as per interest.
While pursuing an M.Sc Chemistry degree from CCS University, students will be able to take their experimental knowledge and theoretical, analytical & conceptual skills to an advanced level. With an objective to foster the analytical skills among the students, M.Sc Chemistry is the best for the learners who want to formulate the scientific approach. .


Welcome to Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan (PG) College

Baghpat was founded in the year 1995 as a non-profit college and setting high standards of imparting quality education for the both rural and urban background students.

1st Semester

  • MSc lst Inorganic chemistry 1st
  • M SC lst Organic Chemistry.
  • M SC lst Physical Chemistry
  • MSc lst Computer for chemist
  • M Sc lst Mathematics for Chemistry.
  • M Sc lst Biology for Chemistry
  • M Sc lst Chemistry Practical-1

2nd Semester

  • M Sc llnd Inorganic chemistry.
  • M Sc llnd Organic Chemistry
  • M Sc llnd Physical Chemistry
  • M Sc llnd Group theory and solid state
  • M Sc llnd Chemistry Practical- ll

3rd Semester

  • M Sc lllrd Photo chemistry
  • M Sc lllrd Spectroscopy.
  • M Sc lllrd Analytical Chemistry
  • M Sc lllrd Bio inorganic chemistry
  • M Sc lllrd Chemistry Practical-lll

4th Semester

  • M Sc lV th Enevermental Chemistry
  • M Sc lV th Hetero cyclic Chemistry
  • M Sc lV th Organic syntheises
  • M Sc lV th Polyemer Chemistry
  • M Sc lV th Chemistry Practical-lV


Professor is an academic rank at universities and other post-secondary education and research institutions in most countries.



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