About B.Sc BIO

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc Biology) is one of the most popular academic degree course among the science students after class 12th. The duration of the course ranges from 3 years. After the completion, there is a multitude of options available for the science students. Often, students are recruited directly by big MNCs after B.Sc. Biology. They can also get placed in the various public sectors as well as private sector undertakings
Most of the times, parents get worked up the moment their child clears 12th science board exam in biology. However, there’s no reason to worry now as you’ve got help at the click of a button at Toppr. Actually, there are hundreds of options available to the students of 12th science stream. But without proper knowledge and guidance, it does becomes difficult and confusing for both the students and their parents to select a suitable option for a bright career.


Welcome to Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan (PG) College

Baghpat was founded in the year 1995 as a non-profit college and setting high standards of imparting quality education for the both rural and urban background students.

1st Year

  • Inorganic chemistry-1
  • Organic chemistry -1
  • Physical chemistry -1
  • Chemistry Practical -1
  • Lower non chordata
  • Higher non chordata
  • Cell biology and genetics
  • Zoology practical-1
  • Diversity of viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Diversity of algae,lichens and Bryophytes
  • Diversity of Pteridophytes,Gymnosperms
  • Botany practical lst

2nd Year

  • Inorganic chemistry-ll
  • Organic chemistry- ll
  • Physical chemistry-ll
  • Chemistry Practical-ll
  • Coredata
  • Animal distribution evolution and developmental biology
  • Physiology and biochemistry
  • Zoology practical
  • Diversity of angiosperms: systematics, development and reproduction
  • Cytology, Genetics,Evolution and Ecology
  • Plant psysiology and biochemistry
  • Zoology practical llnd

3rd Year

  • Inorganic chemistry-lll
  • Organic chemistry
  • Physical chemistry-lll
  • Chemistry Practical-lll
  • Applied and Economic Zoology
  • Biotechnology immunology biological tools and techniques and biostatistics
  • Ecology microbiology animal behaviour and pollution and toxicology
  • Zoology practical-lll
  • Plant resources utilization Palynology plant pathology and biostatistics
  • Molecular biology and biotechnology
  • Environmental botany
  • Botany practical 3rd


Professor is an academic rank at universities and other post-secondary education and research institutions in most countries.



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